Below are nine genuinely true facts about me, and one lie. I’ve achieved some incredibly weird things, but which one do you think is the fib?

Nine Truths and One Lie about Craig Beadle

  1. I’ve interviewed many big name comedy stars, including Alan Davies and the team behind Horrible Histories and Yonderland.
  2. I wrote for the show which won Best Radio Comedy in Europe at the Rose d’Or Awards 2015.
  3. I’ve organised a sold-out West-End comedy show with some of the biggest names in comedy, including Stewart Lee, Miles Jupp and Jo Brand.
  4. I won the Judges’ Award as UK’s Funniest Blogger 2015 (and came third in the public vote) held by the Dog’s Doodahs.
  5. I was once the number one story on Heat World, Reveal and other magazines after convincing one of the biggest bands in the UK to help me with a favour.
  6. I’ve performed stand-up comedy to a crowd of over 250 people.
  7. I once spent an afternoon in the pub with my hero just by sending him an email to ask.
  8. I have travelled to every continent except Antarctica.
  9. I’m a prize-winning short story teller.
  10. My first ever writing credit was for Time Out’s London Comedy Section, which I submitted to mostly on a dare.

So, what do you think is made up? Some truths you’ll find on this site, others are dotted around the internet if you look hard enough.

Too eager to hunt out the answers yourself? Take a look and see the answer here.