Craig Beadle

I’m Craig Beadle, an award-winning writer based in London, UK.

I’ve written for:

  • Multi-billion-dollar B2B brands
  • National charity campaigns
  • Entertainment-industry leaders, including the BBC, Time Out and the British Comedy Guide

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Craig is a smart, talented writer with a real understanding of B2B marketing and content. His writing is clear, intelligent and has that rare thing in marketing writing: a distinctive, friendly voice.

He’s also a pleasure to work with: a true professional with a fantastic attitude. He was hugely popular at Velocity and always brought something unique to the table.

If you get a chance to work with Craig, grab it!
Doug Kessler, marketing influencer and Creative Director at Velocity Partners

“Like all the best short stories, though, at the core of Heaven is something that twists the way the its reader sees the world. It’s a very entertaining story that wears itself very lightly: beneath its whimsical humour, it is clever, witty, philosophical and at the end, profound and moving about the nature of love.” – Writing Magazine

Hard-working, organised, knowledgeable, reliable, friendly – just some of the words I’d use to describe Craig (and to try to make him blush in the process).” – Mark Boosey, Editor at British Comedy Guide